Cowslip Studio Flowers

Here at Cowslip Studio we offer a range of beautiful bouquets and jam jar arrangements to suit different occasions whether a special gift, a birthday celebration or gift to yourself.

Bouquet prices range from £25-50  Jam Jar Flowers £15  A large pickle jar of flowers £30

Bespoke arrangements are also available

During the months of March to October some of the flowers are grown in the Cowslip Studio garden. Other flowers are grown on small farms in Cheshire and Cornwall. I work with what is available and growing in the cutting garden and on the flower farms which means what I offer is always changing and reflects the season and time of year. I believe using seasonal flowers is better for the environment and also better for us to be in touch with nature and the changes through the year.

Farewell Flowers

Flowers can say so much when saying goodbye to a loved one. They can act as a comfort and also be a celebration. They can be personal too. at Cowslip Studio we create beautiful natural funeral flowers with seasonal flowers and natural materials. We can include favourite flowers and colours and even flowers from your own garden to make it more personal.  We offer a beautiful natural funeral sheaf as well as the full casket spray in various sizes. Please get in touch to discuss flowers and designs available.

All flower arrangements  are eco friendly  and can be made fully biodegradeable if needed.