The Story

Cowslip Studio was inspired by a trip to Copenhagen in 2015 with the aim of seeing art and culture and wonderful buildings in a beautiful European city. Travel is a funny thing though and often something stands out which you don't expect. The thing that really caught my eye was all the beautiful plant and flower shops and how much they added to the city and it got me thinking about working with flowers. When I got back I signed up for a florist training course and that was the beginning of a new creative and business adventure. Cowslip Studio is run from a studio in the garden, originally an ugly old breeze block garage, now with a bit of love and paint a light and airy space to work in and run classes.

Running workshops and classes in floral design brought together my previous work as an artist facilitator and workshop leader and combing this with a love of flowers and design. Floral design workshops are both creative and therapeutic and I love sharing my passion for learning and flowers. I run workshops throughout the year using fresh and seasonal flowers as well as dried flowers. I have set workshops and also create bespoke workshops and events for individuals and businesses.

At some point I stumbled on the Flowers from the Farm network and realized I could combine floral design with a love of growing flowers and developed a cutting garden so that during the season I would always be able to have local and homegrown flowers to add to any arrangements. So now the garden is part of the business and each year I add more varieties and have more flowers available. I also forage from local lanes and fields as love to add an occasional wild touch to the flowers.

The third part of the business reflects my background in art and design. I photograph flowers and still life arrangements to make cards and prints that reflect the beauty and magic of plants and flowers.

The on going goal of Cowslip Studio is to build a creative community who love flowers and plants and gardens.